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Balloon party

      "Balloon party" is a westernized way of socializing. Its name comes from the transliteration of English party, which means group Party in Chinese. There are many kinds of parties, such as aestheticism party, belly Bag Party, diamond party, football party, etc. The ultimate goal of a party is to find happiness. Balloon party is a way to convey happiness through balloon.

     The balloon party is prominent in three aspects

1、 Wedding

The wedding balloon party mainly uses balloons to make all kinds of shapes, such as balloon arch, balloon wall, floating helium balloon, etc., to make the wedding site more beautiful and romantic, so as to achieve the new couple's pursuit of fashion and innovation, and to let the guests attend the wedding in a lively and warm atmosphere.

2、 Birthday

The birthday balloon party is mainly for children. It mainly weaves some lovely animals and flowers to make a lovely, beautiful and lively scene to bring happiness, knowledge and interest to children.

3、 Business

The commercial balloon party is mainly decorative, making some exquisite modeling in line with the theme of the event, and carrying out advertising and theme promotion to the participants inadvertently.

Origin and market development of Party Balloon 

The origin of balloon parties

Balloon party is a branch or extension of colorful ball decoration.

It has been some years since colorful ball decoration entered the Chinese market. From the beginning, only a few people played with balloons, and hundreds of people engaged in balloon decoration art. From the beginning, balloon decoration was used in coastal or more developed big cities, and balloon decoration practitioners and enthusiasts were found all over the country. From the beginning, they were unfamiliar with balloon decoration, and then they recognized it The color ball decoration industry has developed more mature, and is gradually on the right track. When we are more proficient in balloon playing, we can not help but continue to innovate and extend it. Balloon party is based on the mature color ball decoration.

The difference between balloon party and colorful ball decoration:

Colorful ball decoration covers a wide range of scenes, such as opening ceremony, supermarket layout, wedding site layout, etc. balloon party is just a fun for three or five people;

Most of the time, the color ball decoration pays attention to the overall grand, spectacular and imposing style, just like a lady in a big family, dignified and beautiful, but it is not lively; the balloon party pays attention to details, ingenious arrangements, and surprises everywhere, just like Jasper in a small family, lively and interesting, so that you can enjoy yourself freely. What's less beautiful is that it will lose a little atmosphere.

A good balloon master will arrange the site according to the size of the venue, the number of personnel, and the expected effect of customers. Generally, they will combine the two, and the effect is self-evident.

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