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How to wear shoes when you buy them?

 In life, the most troublesome thing is: there are always a few pairs of new shoes that are very wearable, and those  Nike shoes shoes that can be ground can't be liked. What should be done? Do you want to throw it away? Today, I'd like to teach you some tips to solve the problem of shoe grinding. Next time you meet a shoe that you like very much, you don't have to throw it away~

1. Freezing method. If your shoes are worn because they are too small, refrigerators are recommended. First, prepare two plastic bags, preferably the one that is sealed and not easy to leak. Then, add the right amount of water into the plastic bag. The amount of water can be determined according to the depth or size of the shoes. After filling the water, seal the two plastic bags completely and put them into the shoes for grinding feet. Finally, put the  Discount nike shoes  shoes in the freezer and take them out after about a night. After taking it out, you can try it on first. If you still feel that you are wearing your feet, you can repeat the above steps several times. The main purpose of this is to enlarge the shoes. Of course, ice can also be replaced by other things, such as potatoes of the right size, discarded newspapers, etc., as long as they can hold up shoes. A netizen said: flat shoes will be given to men as slippers, and it will be good to hold them for two times! In fact, it's OK.
2. Heating method. The freezing method can use ice to make shoes bigger, while the heating method is to make the leather soft and expand by heating. If you're a purist and don't want to put your shoes in the fridge, try heating. This method is very simple, just hold the hair dryer and blow for a while at the foot grinding place.
3. Liquor soaking method. If you have liquor at home, you may as well take a little, and then smear it on the place where the shoes are ground. The amount of liquor should ensure that it can fully soak the place where the shoes are ground. In order to make the wholesale nike shoes shoes evenly wet, you can cut a small piece of cloth, evenly spread the white wine, and then use a clip to fix the place where the feet are ground. If you want to grind the inside of the shoes, you can pour liquor directly into the shoes, or you can prepare more cloth strips, which will be put into the shoes after being fully soaked. After finishing, leave the shoes overnight, and you can basically wear them the next day.
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