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« matches with shoes is harmonious, which has a lot of attentionHow to wear shoes when you buy them? »


 In our daily life, when we buy Nike shoes , we often encounter some cases where the shoes don't fit. For example, this shoe pinches the foot. Shoe squeezing is the most common problem for us to buy shoes. Today, Xiaobian brings us a very simple trick, which can easily make your shoes no longer squeeze and fit. Let's have a look at them together Let's first prepare the shoes. If the heel squeezes the foot, we only need to prepare a paper towel, and then prepare a little alcohol. Pour the alcohol on the paper towel, because the heel of the shoe will not squeeze the foot. Xiaobian just uses it to demonstrate. If the place of the toe is also a little alcohol on the tissue, put this on the paper towel In the toe of our Discount nike shoes shoes, because the heel of the shoe won't squeeze the foot. Just show it quietly. If the foot is squeezed at this place of the toe, we will use the same method to prepare a paper towel, then pour a little alcohol, and put this in the toe of our shoes. Then we put it in this way all night, the next day You will find that when you wear shoes, you will no longer be so crowded, so we can easily solve the problem of foot squeezing.

Shoes are easy to grind. You can put a band aid on the ground to prevent them from rubbing. Or you can use the heating method to make the cortex soften and expand, as long as you blow a little more on the ground with an electric hair dryer. What's more, wear a pair of thick socks so that you won't be worn by shoes. The reason why shoes wear feet may be due to improper size or poor quality of shoes. If the condition of foot abrasion is serious, it is not recommended to continue wearing, and buy new wholesale nike shoes shoes.

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