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Are air cushioned shoes suitable for running?

 The air cushion shoe is in the air cushion shoes. The air storage cavity is arranged on the upper part of the sole and the lower part of the sole. The air storage cavity can form an air cushion and form a ventilation device with the air inlet and outlet channels arranged on the shoe. Therefore, it has better shock absorption capacity, and is more suitable for occasions prone to strong impact, and has more effective protection for feet and knees. Many brands have also introduced air cushion running shoes, so can air cushion shoes run? The answer is yes. Like Nike air max  air cushion running shoes, its stability and cushioning performance are excellent, favored by many runners.

Air cushion shoes can also be used for sprint. Air cushioned running shoes can make runners feel comfortable during running and play a good buffering effect. Because of the buffering effect, the force on your feet at the moment of landing will be smaller,cheap nike shoes so it will be more comfortable. However, the physical strength you consume is basically unchanged, so it will not be relaxed. Therefore, if you want to choose air cushion running shoes, you should choose professional air cushion running shoes, because not all air cushion shoes are suitable for running shoes, and you should choose according to different situations.
The function of the air cushion is to cushion and protect your knee during exercise.Discount nike shoes Don't be surprised, it is the knee. It is generally believed that the air cushion cushion protects the foot, which is a misunderstanding. Some people say that air cushion is to protect the ankle from injury, in fact, it is the ankle design of sneakers that plays a role in protecting the shoes outlet
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