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Emotion has a great power of encouragement.

 Hello, everyone. Emotion has a great power of encouragement. Therefore, it is an important prerequisite for all moral behaviors. Anyone who has no strong ambition can not enthusiastically embody this ambition in his career. —Nike—Kelloff. We usually say very well, people rely on clothes, horses rely on saddles. When a person's clothes are very good-looking, this phenomenon is very related to our appearance. In addition, shoes are also very important. And we say that if you have good-looking clothes, you should also have good-looking shoes to match them. In this way, you can look beautiful. Many friends will smell such a question There are some new shoes. After a few days of shopping, when we are wearing shoes, our shoes will become a little crowded. What should we do? After all, the newly bought shoes are too uncomfortable. Don't be afraid. cheap nike shoes Let me tell you how to solve your problems quickly. These can be understood.

The first trick is to put ice in your shoes. Although at a certain age, our feet will not grow up again, but for many other reasons, sometimes our feet will become bigger or smaller. It may be a little crowded when we wear shoes that have just been bought for a long time. In this case, we can use ice to solve this problem. We put a plastic bag in the new shoes we just bought. Then we pour some water into the plastic bag to let the water flow into the shoes. Then we tie the plastic bag tightly and put it together with the shoes in the freezer of the refrigerator. After freezing for a few hours, the water in the bag turns into ice. At this time, we take out the plastic bag and find that the new shoes no longer squeeze the feet. Because the ice can make the shoes bigger, so they won't squeeze their feet when they wear them again.

Second, we can put potatoes in our shoes. It's very common in our daily life, and we usually use them for cooking. In fact, it can help us solve the problem of foot squeezing. We can find two identical potatoes, or about the same size. We can ensure that they can be stuffed into the shoes, and then pick them Good potatoes skin, and then cut the potatoes into the shoes on the line, and then put it in this way for one night, and the next day you will find that shoes will not squeeze feet again. nike shoes outlet What is the reason? After peeling potatoes, its moisture will soften shoes, which will make our shoes bigger, so we don't have to worry about foot squeezing

The third trick is to blow your shoes with a hair dryer. Speaking of hair dryer, my friends only know that it can be used to blow hair, in fact, it can also be used to blow shoes. If we find that the shoes are too small to fit in, we can use an electric hair dryer to blow the small part of the shoes for 20 minutes continuously, once every half an hour, for more than three times in a row. In this way, we will find that the shoes do not squeeze the feet. Because according to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, the hot air of the hair dryer can inflate the shoes, so that we will not feel squeezed when we wear them again.

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