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Birthday party

 "Yuan Weichen, my birthday is on Thursday this week, but Zhang Sihan has no time to go to my house to celebrate my birthday party that day, so I want to change my birthday to today." On Monday morning after class, Xie Kexin came to me happily.

   As soon as school was over, Xie Kexin took her classmates to her home. She and her grandfather went to buy snacks. As soon as we finished our homework, my grandfather announced that dinner would begin.
  "Wow, a lot of delicious food!" I couldn't help exclaiming. There are delicious French fries, chicken wings and beef. I picked up a few chips and put them into my mouth. They were crispy outside and crispy inside. They were fried golden yellow by my grandfather. They were good-looking and delicious. They were swept away by our children immediately. After eating, I still wanted them. There are chicken wings and beef is also very delicious, I killed three chicken wings in a row, grandfather's craft is not blowing.
  After dinner, we write https://Www.ZuoWEn8.Com/ Xie Kexin suggested playing hide and seek and Zhang Sihan as a cat. We all thought this proposal was good.
   “1,2,3,4,5!” I quickly look for a hiding place, my choice of difficulty again. A lot of places to hide. Hide here? Or hiding there? In my tangled time, I thought of a sentence: the most dangerous place is the safest place. I had an idea. Zhang Sihan counted on the sofa in the living room. I hid behind the sofa. She would not have expected me to hide behind her. I admire my cleverness secretly, but unexpectedly, Zhang Sihan found me immediately. I have a lot of pain in my heart that I can't tell. It's really smart that is mistaken by cleverness!
  It's late, my parents came to pick us up. We had a happy birthday party at Xie Kexin's house.
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