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Balloon party project operation form

 1、 Balloon arrangement at the party

Decorate the party site according to customer requirements. Generally, the party planner will make a comprehensive investigation according to the theme of the party, the size of the venue, and the funds of the party organizers, and then make a reasonable decoration scheme. Generally, the fees are charged according to the scene, and the amount of decoration can be increased or decreased according to the richness and simplicity of the decoration.
2、 Magic balloon show
Magic balloons and funny clown costumes can make the atmosphere of the party reach its peak. It can not only bring you entertainment and laughter, but also bring you knowledge and creation.
3、 Balloon Express
Traditional express delivery of flowers has long been commonplace, and innovative balloon delivery will surely add surprise and romance to your gift. Balloon express delivery is a sincere blessing, a romantic feelings, the expression of a strong love, a warm greetings, send out a happy atmosphere, a unique chic.
4、 The clown gives flowers, presents, blessings, apologies, etc.
Do you want to give a gift with more taste and "heart"? So the clown express is your most sensible choice, because it is not only fast but also has unexpected effects. The people who receive gifts can appreciate your good intentions while being happy. Why not?
Clown services include: clowns show love, clowns give gifts, help others apologize, angels show love, etc.
5、 Clown clothing, cartoon clothing rental(  Party Balloon  )
Wearing clown costumes and cartoon costumes, walking back and forth in venues, banquets, celebrations, etc., can not only attract popularity, but also play a very good publicity effect, providing customers with the rental of clown costumes and cartoon costumes, which will also be a great business opportunity
Clown costumes include: clown costumes, Mickey Minnie, jubilant, various cartoon shapes, various props, etc., so that you can sit at home and have wealth.
6、 Balloon party planner training
It is not easy to plan a successful balloon party. We should not only have new ideas, but also be unconventional and pay attention to all kinds of details. In terms of process, the first step is to determine the theme, and then select the venue, arrange the scene, arrange entertainment activities, and prepare gifts These all need professional party planner to operate. Party planner training is a must.
"Balloon party", a new form of Party entertainment, has attracted a lot of people's attention, and has also received different degrees of attention. It can be called a wonderful flower in the balloon industry.
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