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Grandfather's birthday party

    Today, I am very happy. You ask, "why?" Because today is my grandfather's 60th birthday.

   At 6 o'clock in the evening, we came to the hotel. I looked around the people sitting beside me. Suddenly, I found that my elder brother didn't come, so I asked the grandmother sitting next to me: "does elder brother come?" "Come on, it should be here in a moment." Grandma said. After a short period of anxious waiting, he finally came. Everyone raised their glasses happily and wished him a happy birthday! Then they ate it together. We several children all like to eat meat and vegetables, have a common hobby. After a while, my brother and I were full. When we went out to play, I suddenly found a sandbag in my pocket and said, "let's play sandbags." "Good"! All agreed. I'm outside with my brother, and I'm inside. "Ah, I was hit!" "Catch this fixed bag" "look at this handsome boy Baofa duoniu!" The laughter echoed, but in a few minutes, we were sweating.

Birthday party

 "Yuan Weichen, my birthday is on Thursday this week, but Zhang Sihan has no time to go to my house to celebrate my birthday party that day, so I want to change my birthday to today." On Monday morning after class, Xie Kexin came to me happily.


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